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Hallo! Is me, Kokomo! You remember, yeah? Of kourse you do! I am here to say that we will be back very soon, yeah! We have had many fun times while gone! But is now time to kome back, yeah. More updates kome in...April! You will look forward to that, yeah? Yeah! Okay, bye bye!
Heyyy guys. the title says, this will probably be my final update. For a while, at least. I've got a lot of stuff happening every day, between school, the house, and other stuff happening, so I don't have a lot of time for here. Personal life wise, I've gone through three relationships, I've been barely passing high school, and I've had to help my aunt with baby stuff. So yeah. I'm not going to be on until June at the earliest. I had Skype, but I had Takkun give it to a friend of mine. She'll use it more than I did. In other news, my roommates have almost all moved out. Just me, Frank, Takkun, and Velvet right now. And my dad. Aaanyway. That's all I've got for now. Happy holidays, and have some fun and happy calander days in my absence. See you later, and as always, I'll catch you on the Flip Side. 
Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Last post was...June 29th. Yeesh. But I'm back! For now, anyway. Lots of things have happened while I've been offline. Let's get started!

First off, we've had a few birthdays here. Kanaya, Nepeta, Meulin, Odin, Porrim, and Nemo all had birthdays. Kanaya is 17, Nepeta is 16, Meulin is 19, Odin is 21, Nemo is 18, and Porrim won't tell me how old she is. We also have two upcoming birthdays. Terezi will be turning 17 and Latula will be turning 19.

Next, we've gotten quite a few new additions to our list of residents here at the house. Officially moved in, we have Kurona and Ekoro, who are a Demon and an Angel, respectively, Sasha Nariamy, who is a Shifter, Tabitha O'Malley, who is a Dreamwalker, and Minori Shentai, who I don't actually know what she is. There are several more, of course, but we'd be here a while if I gave you the complete list. Anyway, unofficially moved in, we have Utana Noface, who is a Ghoul, and Sheep, who again I don't know the species of.

Moving on, we have some Magic-related news. Two weeks from tomorrow, I will be going to MagiCon. MagiCon is, put simply, a big festival where Witches, Wizards, Casters, Brewers, and others come together to have fun and show off their achievements. There's games, shows, competitions, and all sorts. It's my first time going, but Takkun's second. I'm leaving on the 5th of October for the convention. I'll try to take pictures, but cameras act weird in the Magic Realm, so I can't guarantee anything.

I think that's everything I have in front of me, and all I can remember off the top of my head, so let's move on to the ask session! Like last time, all askers are going to be anonymous, for safety reasons. Let's begin!

To Lala: "What's it like being headless?"
_It is not so bad. There are the many inconvenient times where my head will fall off, such as when I am running or riding my motorbike. Though other than that, it is not much different from having an attached head._

To Takkun: "Can you show us your ears?"

To Kaho: "What kind of jobs do you do as a priestess?"
}Mainly, I keep the Sanctuary and Prayer Room clean, help with ceremonies, and keep the Protection Spell on the house from expiring. It's a lot of hard work, but I manage.

To Tom: "Where do you live in the house?"
~~I don't. Got my own private plane of existence.{

To Maggie: "What's it like being a Sin Spirit?"
*Hard work, that's for sure. We gotta, like, keep our prime sin at bay so we aren't corrupted. Like, I can't get too lustful. Ypu don't want to know what happens if I do. It'll make you really uncomfortable.*

To Merry: "What are you exactly?"
[Obviously I'm a Dreamwalker. Isn't it obvious?

To Merria: "I've heard you called by different names. How many do you have?"
=Let's see... There's Merria, Merrie, Mero, Merlina, and Mernaline, just to name a few.=

To Nemo: "Invented anything lately?"

To Gamzee: "How are you doing Gamz?"

And that's all we have for today! I'll try to be on more often, but I can't make any guarantees right now. Until next time, I'll catch you on the Flip Side!
So, as you may or may not have noticed, we've been gone for quite a few days. It's been very busy around here, with my birthday, our yearly summer party, and various other activities coming up around this time. So I thought that since we've got some free time at the moment, we could do an ask session. So let's get started. All of these will be anonymous, for the sake of those that asked the questions. 

To Rufioh. "What does the area on your back around your wings look like and how does it feel?"
My w1ngs? Well, 1t's bas1cally dr1ed blood back there. Sure a1n't pretty. As for the feel1ng, 1'm not sure how to descr1be 1t. Feels the same as any other l1mb, 1 guess. 

To Frank. "Any projects coming up that you can tell us about?"
+That is classified information. So, no.+

To Meenah. "What's it like being a queen?"
Oh, I ain't a queen Y-ET. Momma's still leadin this whole shin-dig. One day though. One day.

To Nemo. "Where have you been? Your skype friends miss you."
~Busy. Can't be on right now. Sorry.~

To Mindfang. "Any adventure planned soon?"
Pardon my French, but hell no. I just 8ack from one. I'm tired. 8ut I do have something planned for July. It'll 8e AWESOME. 

To Lala. "What kind of work do you do?"
_Being a Dullahan, I help the Souls of the deceased cross to the other side. I am Death Incarnate. I am the Grim Reaper in physical form. I am a knight of Hades himself. But during the day I work at the Harley Davidson shop._

To Lala. "How's modern life fitting you?"
_If you mean to ask if I have become accustomed to the modern world, then fine. Motorcycles seem to be much quicker than horses, though not as fuel efficient or easier to use. Gas station shops are quite convenient. Perhaps that is why they are called convenience stores._

To Tom. "Do you actually do anything around the house or are you just there for the heck of it?"
~~Of course I do stuff! I help new guests to their rooms! I get the table ready to eat on! I clean the dishes! I'm basically the butler around here. Other than Sebastian, but he only comes when called. I don't.{

To Lala. "What's it like being headless?"
_Quite a lot of questions for me today, it seems. It is not so bad. Other than people touching the inside of your neck when they pick you up, it's the same feelings as being alive._

To Kona. "How do you deal with everyone's education?"
Simple. The younger trolls go to school with me, the older ones are taught by Aranea and Kankri, and the adults really just learn on their own or ask questions. Everyone else that's at the age where they should be in school is taught here, by me. It takes a lot of coffee, but that's what we have Coco for.

And it looks like that's all we have time for today. Be sure to leave your own questions in the comments, and we'll answer them as best we can. Until next time, I'll catch you on the Flip Side!
Happy Father's Day! Almost did this too late!
Hallo! Is me, Kokomo! You remember, yeah? Of kourse you do! I am here to say that we will be back very soon, yeah! We have had many fun times while gone! But is now time to kome back, yeah. More updates kome in...April! You will look forward to that, yeah? Yeah! Okay, bye bye!


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Hello, and welcome to my page. It's very nice to meet you. My name is Konata, and I'd love to know yours. I mainly post things I've made with my phone, my friends have made for me, or, on that rare occasion, drawings I've made. Some of the stuff you see in my gallery may interest you, so please take a look around. I always accept comments and critiques on my work! If you have any problems with something I've posted or something I've been saying, note me and I'll do my best to resolve it.

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